The Glassberries Design Awards is an annual contest of packaging design.

The concept of the contest was inspired in the glass life cycle and is based on its four pillars: Solid Identity, Creativity, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

The Glassberries Design Awards represent BA’s clear bet on innovation and product development based on four principles: development, time to market, industrial design and continuous improvement in the customer service. It features a permanent concern regarding ecological efficiency and social responsibility by supporting education, local communities and displaying an active policy towards minimizing environmental impact.

Apart from the strengthening of the ties between the industry and the academia – increasingly more important in a time when the awareness about the need for sharing knowledge is very clear – this is also an opportunity to get BA closer to its partners.

These partnerships result as strategic positioning for the brands, not only as a means of relating to its public, but also by creating a research group that may anticipate their future brand image.

Our ambition is that the Glassberries may become a reference for all European students and young designers.

For the 11th edition, BA Glass have challenged the students to design a new returnable glass
packaging for the food segment while finding new opportunities in which glass isn’t still in place and
where it can bring more benefits due to its characteristics.