University of Aveiro
Designer and Assistant in the Communication and Art Department

Since the beginning that the course Degree in Design from Universidade de Aveiro has dedicated its last year to the relation between the social and economic fabric, observing the implicit constraints. The collaboration with Barbosa e Almeida, through the Glassberries contests, have come along with many other partnerships and for many years.

What really interests us is the comprehension of differences and the identification of common features, if there are any. On the contrary to what some people may claim, universities should not respond uncritically to the industry requests, but should in fact convert questions into drawings, products, images into words. If it is not a dialogue, then it will not be worth the effort of communicating, neither for the university nor for the industrial fabric. If this relation is expected, it will die soon.

Is that the attitude, which proves the respect for the interlocutor, who has nourished the work, the learning, the education and the training? Creating partners more and less perennial. The results obtained in this edition of Glassberries 2013 are so positive, and are a consequence, as so surprising as predictable.