University Beira Interior
Customer Selection - Concept Emballage 2018

All this experience started in 2018, when I participated in the Glassberries Design Awards 2018, while I was at the University studying Industrial Design, and I was one of the finalists of that Award edition. And at that moment I knew what I wanted for my professional career, to work on something that fascinates me daily which is industrial design.

I continued with my studies always with my focus on becoming a better industrial designer every day. Three years later, I had the opportunity to contribute at a more professional level, from a designer’s point of view to the company that helped me define my path and in which its values ​​were also something I wanted to do by carrying out a professional internship.

There I had the opportunity to contribute with ideas for the packaging sector and more specifically for glass packaging, but also to learn (continuously) from more experienced people in the area, within BA Glass. With this internship I was able to technically evolve in various aspects of design, including industrial design, which is one of my goals. Being able to solve problems, present solutions and gain life workflow was very important for the beginning of my professional career. I am grateful for the opportunity and for the experience gained during the time I worked at BA Design, the BA Glass creative team.