These competitions, when done professionally, are excellent for students, because they get the students and the design schools to think on many levels. One is realism: they actually got to design something for industrial design production. The second part is that they have the opportunity to see something realized and the third part is the agenda of working with a material, especially something like glass: on one hand it has been so much done, in the other hand there’s infinite opportunities... You can go on forever.

I just want to say I’m honored and I’m grateful that I got to help judge this competition and to meet some of the students here. What the Glassberries Awards is doing is fantastic! Obviously, it’s just going to grow and grow. And it’s a beautiful subject matter because glass is ecological, it’s sustainable, it goes on forever in a way. You break it, you grind it, it goes in a circle, it’s very cyclical. It’s a great material, and it’s a great agenda. It’s great that BA is doing this. Thank you!