Gustavo Roseira

Designer and entrepreneur, Gustavo Roseira is the founder and creative director of Nauvegar, an award winning independent studio.

Graduated in Graphic Design, and then a major in 3D, he worked in Lisbon, at a key agency, gaining experience with international world-class brands.

Some years later, Gustavo felt the relationship with those clients was a bit soulless and decided to make a change in his life. He went on a quest to transform everyday work into something more meaningful and fulfilling: connecting with human beings instead of big corporations, focusing deeply in each story and aiming to communicate the passion of the persons he works with in a unique way.

Born and raised in the Douro Valley, Portugal, with a family’s heritage in Porto wine for six generations, the wine connection happened naturally.
With all this in mind, he went back to his origins, Covas do Douro, where he founded Nauvegar in 2017, a wine focused creative studio, with expertise in branding, labels, packaging and video. Nowadays, Nauvegar has an experienced team working across both print and digital media.
They collaborate with amazing vignerons, wineries, wine festivals, restaurateurs and food growers.
On top of it all, over the last 10 years Gustavo has been co-organizing simplesmente… Vinho, an alternative wine festival, that brings together wine artisans, chefs, music and arts in the beautiful riverside of Porto.
2022 will see the 2nd edition of simplesmente… Vinho in Madrid, after two previous editions in Barcelona.

Travelling plays a huge role, from vineyards to wineries and cellars around the world, I’ve learned a lot from all the people I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with!.

BA Glass

More than 100 years dedicated to the production of glass containers, for the food and beverage industries, BA Glass is based on continuous innovation and internal entrepreneurship. The company has perfected a business model inspired by the group’s values HeART – Humbleness, Ambition, Rigour and Transparency, with emotion. With 12 plants in 7 different countries, BA produces more than 10 billion glass containers per year and aims to achieve the vision to Wrap Dreams Beyond Packaging, by HeART, offering added value to the market, by being a partner to its customers, providing unique experiences to the consumer and challenging its people with a collective ambition which promotes each person’s individual development.


Felix Solis Avantis is a leader in the international wine sector – with a presence in more than 120 countries. Owned by the third generation Solís brothers, the family strive to bring together tradition and innovation. The headquarters in Valdepeñas has evolved to become one of the largest wine-producing facilities with state-of-the-art technology in the world. Opened in 1975, the site is one of the largest family-owned companies in terms of grape reception, with a daily harvest capacity of 7.5 million kilos and a winemaking facility for 175 million kilos of grapes. For the purposes of traditional ageing, the site has a large cave of American oak barrels, necessary for the production of crianzas, reservas, and gran reservas. The winery has successfully launched a number of brands including Vina Albali and Los Molinos; very well known by consumers in native Spain.
Felix Solis winery in La Puebla de Almoradiel is located in La Mancha, with a large tradition in grape growing and wine making. Its modern facilities are perfect for the production of young wines made from both indigenous and international grape varieties.
The La Mancha winery had its first harvest in 2011 and its wines, Caliza and Vina San Juan, have already received awards in some of the most prestigious international wine competitions.
The presence in six key wine regions in Spain enables Felix Solis to offer the widest range of varieties in the Spanish industry. This, plus a deep dedication by the winery and constant research, provides internationally praised wines. Felix Solis mission is to offer quality and competitive pricing and outstanding service to our global customers. The range of wines are channelled and segmented in order to respond to market demands as efficiently as possible.

“Wine should be available to everyone… that is why we want to produce quality wines by growing grapes and crafting wines with the same values as our father.” The Solís Brothers


Symington Family Estates is a leading Port and Portuguese wine producer headquartered in Porto, Portugal. The majority of Symington’s vineyards are located in the Douro Valley, in the north of Portugal, consisting of 26 estates covering an area of 2462 hectares with 1114 hectares of vineyard.
An independent business with 140 years of history, the first Symington began working as a Port producer in Porto in 1882, today, ten members of the 4th and 5th generation work across the four Port houses (Graham’s, Cockburn’s, Dow’s and Warre’s) and portfolio of Douro wine brands (Quinta do Vesuvio, Quinta do Ataíde, Altano and Prats & Symington, producers of Chryseia and Post Scriptum).
In 2019 Symington launched the first wines from Quinta da Fonte Souto, a stunning estate in the Portalegre sub-region of the Alto Alentejo.
All the vineyards are sustainably managed under a minimum intervention certification and 130 ha are organically farmed, the largest area of organic vineyard in northern Portugal.
Symington invests significantly in viticulture R&D to adapt to climate change and works on an ambitious sustainability plan, with a series of goals under the banner of Mission 2025.
In 2019 they became a certified B Corporation – the first wine company in Portugal to take this step – joining a global community of businesses audited for the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility, committed to using business as a force for good.
In 2020 Symington joined the International Wineries for Climate Action, an association of wine companies leading the decarbonisation of the wine sector, in line with the urgent CO2 reduction guidelines established by global scientists and the UN.
Symington’s mission is “to produce exceptional wines that celebrate and preserve the uniqueness of Portugal and contribute to a positive future for the regions where we work.”

For five generations we have combined our passion for producing premium ports and wines with a deep commitment to the region’s land and people.

José Maria da Fonseca

A family business with almost two centuries of history, and one that has known how to stay up to date without ever sitting back on its laurels. José Maria da Fonseca has been making wines since 1834, resulting from the shared passion of a family that has known how to preserve and project the memory and the prestige of its founder.
Well aware of the responsibility of being the oldest producer of table wine and Setúbal Moscatel in Portugal, José Maria da Fonseca follows a philosophy of permanent development, constantly investing in research and production, combining the latest techniques with traditional know-how. An example of this is the José de Sousa Rosado Fernandes Winery, at Reguengos de Monsaraz, Alentejo, where the Roman tradition of clay pot fermentation is maintained alongside the latest technology.
Continuing to invest in benchmark products at international level, always produced to the highest standard, José Maria da Fonseca has contributed decisively to the promotion and prestige of Portuguese wines. The nearly 650 hectares of vineyards and a winery equipped with the latest technology, which competes with the best in the world, produce wines that combine the experience gathered throughout its history with the most advanced winemaking techniques.
José Maria da Fonseca’s portfolio includes more than 30 top-quality brands sold in over 70 countries.
This seventh-generation family company has been able to preserve a precious heritage without forgetting to stay up-to-date and meet the standards of quality that consumers have come to expect of it, while continuing to surprise with every new step.

A Family of wines from different regions, different segments, but produced with the same care and passion.